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Using dental floss is a step to complete good oral hygiene, because the brush cannot penetrate between the teeth, which means that the 30% between the dental surfaces will remain unclean. Without the use of dental floss, bacterial plaque accumulates in these areas and interdental caries appear, which slowly dig in and sometimes become visible when it is already too late. In addition, the accumulation of bacterial plaque also produces tartar, gingivitis and periodontitis.


The first step in using dental floss is to cut a piece of approximately 1 m, after which both ends of the floss are wrapped around the middle fingers; between the fingers leave approximately 3-5 cm of dental floss free for the actual work.

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Puro is a Made in Italy brand whose excellent products contain only the best quality, carefully selected ingredients. They do not contain ingredients of animal origin, parabens or silicone, being cruelty free and vegan. All products contain 98% natural ingredients. Puro was awarded at the Bio Awards 2021.


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